I’m working on a new Privacy and Security eLearning course and wanted to share a few things I have been doing with user profiles and progress.

In this Intro demo, I have allowed users to logon and set up a profile page. I want them to be able to also track their progress as they go along and reward them for performance. You will see that the user signs on, and then a couple screens later, can pick an avatar and verify their information.  Later, they can access their progress card from an icon in the top right corner of the screen and edit the information if necessary.

I also wanted to use some material design concepts including a slide-out menu where you can jump to different to sections. I created both the slide-out menu and the profile pop-up in the Slide Master so you can access them from anywhere and would behave consistently. I set variables at each section start so that it keeps track of which section you are in and have completed using the progress card.

This demo consists of only the Intro section but I hope to show functionality from later sections in another Blog post.

By the way, I have also used  a pretty cool text-to-speech engine that I will talk about in another blog. I usually hate them for eLearning but this one is very good and fits with the concept of an A.I. trainer. (I still might swap it out and use a real voice – they still need to make a living too – but the BOT Union might come after me!)