People are doing more and more interesting things with Articulate StoryLine 2 beyond what was originally envisioned for this slide-based elearning too. Because of it’s robust variable and triggering features some sophisticated gamification features can be added. Recently, I have been playing with some concepts derived from video games.

In this example, I create a simple dungeon crawler where you can collect items and explore an environment. But these ideas can be easily transferred to business or workplace scenarios where a user can be asked to move around and environment and perform tasks.

This demo includes 4 way movement, psuedo-collision detection, an inventory system and some conditional logic (ie. you can’t leave the room until you get all of the items, and you must get the knife to open the chest). There is a lot more I could do with this but I think this does demonstrate the concepts.

Now that Storyline 360 is out, with it’s naitive collision detection, there are a lot more possibilities.

You can find the demo here and I hope to be updating it over time.